Red Fish are hot now.

This is a new page for me. We just added fishing reports to my webpage and I have not had time to post reports last few weeks.

 I had a death in the family and was busy with other things .

I have been fishing several days this week and redfish action was great. A few large trout but the red action when you find them are hungry to eat.

Great RED day at the office

The Office is the name of my boat. Today I had a great family from Ga. The Moores Dad Randy and Son Chris and daughter Mattie. We sat in schools of Tarpon for over a hour almost  two and they rolled all around us. They would not eat . So we went for Reds and had good luck with 3  keepers from 26-27 inches released several.   First red fish  for Mattie and Chris.  They enjoyed the drag pulling that a big red  gives. I am blessed to have great people from around the world to fish with.  Awesome day today. Lets go on a Fishin Mission    Call  for available days.

Tight Lines Get Some!


Captain Phil Evans

Redfish are On the Bite !

Redfish are the battle-cruisers of inshore fish… Tough and scrappy, just what you need for a great fight while on your fishing charter. Like most of the fish here, we catch them in both deep and shallow water, sometimes so shallow their back is actually out of the water. Sanibel Island Redfish FishingI can usually spot them up on the shallows with their tails sticking up as they feed, like the one in the photo. We silently crept up with the trolling motor, and my customer, Mark, got to cast directly to the fish. We actually watched this Redfish eat the bait, and then proceed to give Mark an incredible drag-screaming fight.

Redfish are here year-round, and can often be found in schools that provide some great non-stop action.

Fantastic Grouper Action

20130715grouperWent out on a fishing charter with Carl for his birthday, and decided to go Grouper diggin’. It didn’t take long before we tied into this little Red Grouper, Carl’s first ever! …. Followed by 10 more is quick succession, with the largest being 26″.